Permanent public sculpture
"Lichtpromenade Lippstadt", Lippstadt.
within the project "Hellweg ein Lichtweg"


Every day after dusk you can see a green sputtering
appearing in the water of the river Lippe. Without any initial
reason an illuminated green spot is emerging in the water.
After a while the movement comes to rest while the light
darkens simultanously, until the spot has vanished.
Then slowly and softly the green light is comming back while
a small vortex is appearing. The water is continually sucked
into the deep by an unknown force.
The vortex becomes stronger until it reaches a final state of
gurgling maelstrom. Then the lights start to fade and with
them the vortex looses its power. After vanishing the river
stays dark and quiet for some time before the cycle starts
all over again.

under water propeller, 4 underwater
spots with green cristall glass filters,
stainless steel construction
concrete plate, electric steering unit